Oceanic Pro League Returns!

That's right folks, January 20th marks the beginning of a new season of the Oceanic Pro League

The league will kick off at 2pm which means WE will kick off at 2pm to welcome in the new season.

What better way to start off the year than with two of Oceania's titans battling it out! 

LG Dire Wolves vs Chiefs ESC

Followed by the long awaited debut of both the following teams.

Order vs Tectonic at 5pm!

Day 2 provides just as much hype, so don't worry.

SIN Gaming vs Legacy Esports at 2pm

Rounding out the first week of the Oceanic Pro League will be...

Bombers vs Avant Gaming at 5pm

Week one of OPL never lets you down so come past and support the local League of Legends teams with fellow esports lovers